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    May 2021 Market Commentary

    May was a modest extension of the positive pattern that has been in place most of this year. Domestic Value indexes still lead all YTD performers.

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    Uncertainty Developing

    An unexpectedly weak employment report and a jump in inflation at the consumer level were sufficient to derail, at least temporarily, the “recovery bull market” that has persisted since last April.

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    April 2021 Market Commentary

    April was a great month for investors, one of many over the past year.

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    Rising Inflation: Where Will It Go from Here?

    Though all economists expect inflation numbers to rise in the near term, there are different views on the potential long-term effects

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    Quietly Firm

    Strong first quarter earnings and gathering momentum in the global economy are helping world equity prices extend their advance.

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    Q1 2021 Market Comments

    Global share values continued to rise during the first three months of 2021. The equity markets, buoyed by reopening economies, particularly in the US, extended the upswing in prices that has remained intact since late March last year.

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    American Rescue Plan Act Provides Relief to Individuals and Businesses

    The $1.9 trillion emergency relief package represents an effort to assist individuals and businesses during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and accompanying economic crisis.


    February 2021 Market Commentary

    Corrections in equity markets are as inevitable as the passage of time but investors that remain focused on a coherent strategy and philosophy have in hand the best means to outpace inflation and to harvest real returns.

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