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    Is Your Financial Advisor A CPA?

    Choosing an advisor who is also a CPA is an easy way to ensure your advisor is a trusted financial professional who will always be acting in your best interest.

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    Too Hot to Handle: What's Ahead for the U.S. HousingMarket?

    Prices are so high that some buyers are backing off, but demand remains strong and will outstrip housing supply for the foreseeable future.

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    August 2021 Market Commentary

    Global equity prices were widely mixed in August. Large cap growth stocks continued their year long uptrend but other asset classes, especially small cap and value issues, clearly lagged.

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    July 2021 Market Commentary

    July equity performance was narrowly mixed. There were several steep declines leading to equally steep recoveries, but overall, investors saw little net change in values.

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    Q2 2021 Market Comments

    June was abnormally quiet for equities across the globe despite a few sharp rallies and declines. Most markets were narrowly changed in the month.

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    May 2021 Market Commentary

    May was a modest extension of the positive pattern that has been in place most of this year. Domestic Value indexes still lead all YTD performers.

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    Uncertainty Developing

    An unexpectedly weak employment report and a jump in inflation at the consumer level were sufficient to derail, at least temporarily, the “recovery bull market” that has persisted since last April.

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    April 2021 Market Commentary

    April was a great month for investors, one of many over the past year.

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