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    Best Places to Retire in the U.S. in 2020

    Which retirement location is best for you? If you are on track to retire in 2020, we've got the top 5 places that will make your golden years truly golden in the new year.


    What is FIRE Retirement and Should You Consider It?

    If you have the discipline and cash flow to save more than half of your income each month to put toward an early retirement, FIRE might work for you.


    How to Maximize Social Security Spousal Benefits

    What are the rules when applying for Social Security Spousal Benefits and how much should you expect to receive?


    How Do Pensions Work If You Are Self-Employed?

    Here's what you need to know about the most common type of pension plan self-employed individuals use is a SEP, or SEP IRA.


    Becoming a Gig Economy Worker in Retirement for Extra Spending Money: What You Need to Know

    More than 400,000 seniors are now finding gig work online in order to utilize their time, and wealth, properly.


    4 Most Common Money Mistakes for Pre-Retirees

    We’ve rounded up the four most common mistakes soon-to-be retirees make regarding their money, so you can prepare now to make your transition into retirement a bit smoother.


    How Self Directed IRAs Work: Everything You Need to Know

    In some ways, a self-directed IRA is a part-time job, so you want to carefully think about your own capabilities and time before you make the commitment.

    Retirement Taxes

    What is a Roth 403(b) Plan and Is It Right For You?

    Your employer may offer you a Roth 403(b) plan. Before you start contributing, it’s important to understand where you’re money’s going and the tax implications this type of account will have on you no