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    Consolidated Appropriations Act Provides Relief Individuals and Businesses

    The $900 billion emergency relief package represents a bipartisan effort to assist individuals and businesses during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis.


    Election 2020: Political Uncertainty Creates Potential Market Swings

    Emotions are running high, but it's generally unwise for long-term investors to upend their investment strategies based on election predictions or their own political biases.


    Small Businesses Eligible for Relief Programs During COVID-19 Crisis

    Congress passed several pieces of legislation with provisions to help small businesses shore up their coffers and keep employees on the payroll.

    Taxes Financial Planning

    What is the Difference Between Quarterly and Annual Taxes and Which Will Impact Your Tax Returns Later?

    You know you have to pay taxes, but did you know when you choose to pay them could make a big difference in your tax return? Start the new year off right with these must-know facts about your taxes (Psst, especially if you're a business owner!)


    The SECURE Act Has Passed. What Does it Mean for Your Retirement?

    New legislation has passed. Discover what has changed and how it could make a major impact on your retirement savings.


    You've Inherited an IRA. Now What?

    Recently inherited an IRA? The wrong move could cost you taxes and penalties. We're breaking down the five different options for what you can do with your inheritance.

    Retirement Gift & Estate Taxes

    What is My Tax Bracket for 2020?

    The IRS has released the 2020 tax brackets, ranging from 10% to 37%. Find out where you'll fall and what changes have been made.


    Giving Season Has Arrived! Here's 5 Ways to Maximize Your Year-End Giving Strategy

    As the new year quickly approaches, make sure you’re prepared with your year-end giving strategy checklist.