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    Q2 2020 Market Comments

    After one of the worst first quarters in history, equity markets staged an impressive comeback in the three month period ended June 30.

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    Lockdown Redux?

    Investors have been understandably shaken by the surge in reported cases of Covid‐19 and markets have reacted negatively to news reports highlighting uptrends in key states.

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    Market Update

    Federal Reserve Chairman J. Powell served markets a dose of reality in Congressional testimony yesterday afternoon.

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    May 2020 Market Commentary

    The April global equity rally continued through May, extending the strong gains registered since the markets’ lows in late March.

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    April 2020 Market Commentary

    April provided relief for investment portfolios, perhaps far more than would have been expected in the wake of the six-week decline that ended in late March.

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    Small Businesses Eligible for Relief Programs During COVID-19 Crisis

    Congress passed several pieces of legislation with provisions to help small businesses shore up their coffers and keep employees on the payroll.

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    Watch Out For Coronavirus Scams

    The FTC has received over 20,000 COVID-19 related complaints since January 1, 2020.

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    CARES Act: Retirement Plan Relief Provisions

    For those seeking to preserve their retirement funds, certain required minimum distributions from retirement funds have been suspended.

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